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”Sounds that are authentic to our deeper self show up
 when something authentic takes place.”
- Mark Fox


The sound of the liberated voice is an intimate and powerful expression of our true nature. As a more genuine sound starts to express itself in our voice, some innate truth of our being seems to emerge as well. A lost identity surfaces, unencumbered by the limitations and beliefs we normally take to be true. Each of us has a chance to enter into a relationship with the personal truth that our voice reveal to us. It is in fact a great discovery that our own voice is one of the most powerful teachers we have in learning who we are.

Mark is an American opera tenor, composer, holistic voice coach, and the founder of True Voice® – an opening process for the human voice. 

Germany has been Mark’s home since 1991 and that’s why most of his offerings have been in German. Thanks to the Internet, however, Mark now also offers 1:1 sessions and online-seminars in English. Additional offers in English are in the pipeline.

If you want to stay in the loop about Mark’s English offerings, send Mark an email at info(at)markfox.de and specifically request being added to his English newsletter list. There will be an easy unsubscribe option at the bottom of each newsletter. 
If you want to schedule a session, you can also send an email to the above address. 

About Mark 

Mark was born quite far away from the world of opera on a small farm in northern California. His mother had a beautiful voice and encouraged him to find his own by singing with him. 

He studied singing at Central Washington University, graduating Magna cum Laude in Vocal Performance. He continued his studies privately in San Francisco with John DeMerchant, eventually participating in the Merola Opera Program under the auspices of the San Francisco Opera in 1981. There he continued his training under Jess Thomas, Kurt Herbert Adler, Wesley Balk, and Elizabeth Schwarzkopf.

His career as a singing teacher began almost at the same time as his professional singing career, when Mark – at the suggestion of his own teacher John – started offering singing lessons to seasoned colleagues and aspiring singers. Unbeknownst to him at the time, Mark’s work with his very first student, an experienced professional operatic mezzo soprano, planted the seeds for his discovery of his therapeutic voice liberation process that is now known as True Voice®

Over time, Mark shifted  his attention away from performing to teaching and composing and to exploring the emotional and spiritual dimensions of singing. He had an evolving realization that our sense of personal identity is expressed and revealed in our vocal sound.

After a decade of engagements on opera and concert stages in America and Europe, he decided to finally listen to his soul’s calling and moved to Europe permanently in 1991.  He opened his own vocal studio, taught  singing in private schools and eventually became  the vocal coach for the Bavarian State Theatre in Munich. 

As he began offering singing seminars, he was finally able to make the shift from giving singing lessons to offering personal transformational experiences through the opening process that is now called True Voice®.

Since 1996 Mark has been offering seminars, singing retreats, TrueVoice® teacher trainings, and individual sessions both in Germany and abroad. His offering is for people who are interested in experiencing a more authentic vocal expression and way of being. 

Mark has helped thousands of people in over fifteen countries to find their true voice and thereby to come in contact with the essence of their true self.


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